Everyone experiences times in their lives when things feel really tough and it can seem like there is nowhere to turn and you can’t seem to find the way to set you free from the misery and the hardship.

What do you do when you find yourself in this space? Do you fall apart and concentrate on justifying why your life is going this way or do you find the strength to stand up for yourself and find the solutions to the problems that are holding you back. Everybody experiences times like this in their life; the difference between super successful people and others is how long we allow ourselves to be caught in the negativity. I am sure that Donald Trump, Dick Smith and Gerry Harvey all have these times in their lives but I very much doubt that they let it take control of their thoughts and feelings hold them back from achieving all that they want to.

You have the power to choose how your life pans out even in the times when it feels as though everything is happening to you not because of you. When our lives get tough and it feels like we are spiralling down we have an amazing opportunity to learn about ourselves and find the inner resilience that allows us to find solutions instead of problems. Situations can sometimes seem absolutely hopeless and insurmountable but if you dig deep and find the strength you all possess then there is always a way out of the hard times. It may not be easy but there is always a way. A wise man once said “Life wasn’t meant to be easy” I would say life doesn’t have to be hard; it’s our choice how we react.

You have all found yourselves in situations in your life where you thought there was no solution to a problem and you are still here, so there was obviously a way to move forward, it may not have been the result you hoped for but it also didn’t kill you.

Always stay strong in your own belief and don’t get caught into other people’s negativity and pessimism. Your life experience is your own choice don’t let anyone or anything else drag you down and have you not live the 100% experience of your life the way you want it to be.

“When the going gets tough the tough get going” it may be a cliché but there is so much power in this statement.

Get going in your life and beat the odds to live the dream you wish for.

Make this week the best one you’ve ever had by never giving up on your dreams.


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